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StyleCon - Where Beauty Meets Fashion

StyleCon - Where Beauty Meets Fashion
Style lovers finally have their own “Con” - StyleCon.

StyleCon brings together a community of fashion and beauty lovers, digital influencers, style and taste makers with exclusive brands to engage, discuss, follow and influence.

Top stylists and makeup artists will be on hand with complimentary hair, makeup and nail services. There will be style panels, fashion presentations, and opportunities to get to know favorite Instagrammers, bloggers, and YouTubers, plus lots of give-a-ways, brand promotions and products.

StyleCon - where Beauty meets Fashion…and more!

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StyleCon - Where Beauty Meets Fashion

StyleCon Influencers
StyleCon assembles a group of Leading Models, Style Influencers and Style Experts. By attending StyleCon, you'll get a chance to talk with the Style Influencers and to share ideas about Beauty and Fashion!
StyleCon - Melanie Bromley - E News!
Melanie Bromley
StyleCon StyleStage Celebrity Host

StyleCon is excited to announce E! News Talent and three time Emmy Nominated television personality Melanie Bromley as celebrity host for the StyleCon’s StyleStage. In 2012, Bromley joined E! News and E! Online as Chief News Correspondent concentrating on on-air coverage, overseeing big breaking stories, and writing long form investigations and op-eds for
Read Melanie's Full Bio here.

StyleCon - Twila True
Twila True
StyleCon Keynote Speaker and Style Industry Leader

Twila True is a dedicated philanthropist and successful entrepreneur with a proven track record of operating complex businesses and systems.
She has led the operations in new market segments across several industries, including beauty, fine jewelry, retail, and real estate.
Read Twila's Full Bio here.

StyleCon - Heidi Nazarudin
Heidi Nazarudin
StyleCon Keynote Speaker and Fashion Blogger

As a former investment banker and CEO of a Nasdaq-listed tech company, this is a woman who has had more than a brief fling with success. Heidi learned how to not just dress incredibly chic but also how to make a business out of being smart, strategic and stylish... and helping other women and brands too.
Read Heidi's Full Bio here.

StyleCon - Sarah Herron
Sarah Herron
StyleCon Special Guest Star

Sarah is best known for her appearances on ABC's The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise. Sarah was born with Amniotic Band Syndrome which has caused life-long insecurities major and minor. Despite her physical limitations Sarah is a lover of art, design, and is an adventure enthusiast. In 2013 she set out to find love on the popular dating show but quickly discovered her purpose was not to necessarily find love in a romantic sense, but to find love within herself. Sarah believes that going on the show helped her overcome some of her biggest insecurities, physical and emotional.
Read Sarah's Full Bio here.

StyleCon - Cambrie and Faith Schroder
Cambrie and Faith Schroder
StyleCon Style Influencers

Cambrie and Faith Schroder, the dynamic duo sister act, are Hollywood royalty - daughters of NYPD and Silver Spoons actor Ricky Schroder. Cambrie, a health and fitness expert; motivates, inspires and educates young people around the world. Her movie debut in “Our Wild Hearts” was followed by regular television appearances on The Talk, Good Morning America, Fox and Friends, The Marie Show, and more. Faith launched her modeling career at age 9 in Elle Magazine and appearances in Disney’s "Shake it Up!” Now through social media, YouTube videos, fitness, dance teams and personal appearances, Cambrie and Faith inspire others to BE FIT, BE GREAT.

StyleCon - Marta Pozzan
Marta Pozzan
StyleCon Style Influencer

With an unconditional love for fashion, Italian girl Marta Pozzan shares her unique style and bold outfits that transcend trends and combine her European roots with her American life. Her Blog, It's Super Fashion has been featured on WhoWhatWear, The Zoe Report, Galore Magazine, Unleash’d Magazine, Barneys blog The Window, Racked LA, The Coveteur, Marieclaire.IT, VOGUE Japan, ELLE UK, and others.

StyleCon - Wendi Young
Wendi Young
StyleCon StyleStage Designer

For over twenty years, Wendi Young Design has successfully executed hundreds of full-scale interior design projects. Her experienced team of six is well-educated in interior design, interior architecture, furniture design, project management, and finance. Her body of work is as diverse as the clients they represent and their team is proficient in creating a variety of styles, from formal to relaxed, old-world to contemporary, and are particularly talented in mixing authentic architectural detailing with unusual “found” objects.


StyleCon - Where Beauty Meets Fashion

StyleCon Musical Entertainment
StyleCon is proud to present Morgan Mallory, sponsored by The House of Blues, on the StyleStage.
StyleCon - Morgan Mallory
Morgan Mallory
Sponsored by House of Blues

Morgan Mallory was raised in Portland, OR and has persued a career in music since his teen years, teaching himself any instrument he could get his hands on and pushing his own vocal boundaries year after year - searching for his own definitive sound. He moved to Orange County, CA in the winter of 2013 to explore the famously vibrant music community.

StyleCon - Where Beauty Meets Fashion

StyleCon Style Influencers
StyleCon assembles a prestigious group of leading Style Influencers to share their ideas and tips. By attending StyleCon you'll get a chance to participate in free product demos, talk to brand experts and
share ideas about Beauty and Fashion!

StyleCon - Where Beauty Meets Fashion

StyleCon - Where Beauty Meets Fashion

  • Celebrity Speakers and Social Media Panelists
  • Meet & Greet Beauty, Style & Fashion Social Celebrities and You Tubers
  • Interactive Pop Up Shops
  • Styling and Fashion Tips
  • Contests and Giveaways
  • Complimentary Pamper Services ~ Nail, Hair & Makeup Services
  • Complimentary StyleSnacks and StyleSips
  • Complimentary StyleTote filled with Beauty & Lifestyle Products
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StyleCon - Where Beauty Meets Fashion

StyleCon Media
StyleCon - Orange Coast Magazine

StyleCon - Where Beauty Meets Fashion

Introducing the StyleCon StyleBrands
Each year, StyleCon assembles a prestigious group of leading brands to share their products. By attending StyleCon you'll get a chance to participate in free product demos, talk to the brand experts and
share ideas about Beauty and Fashion!

StyleCon - Where Beauty Meets Fashion

Complimentary StyleSnacks All Day Long

StyleCon - Where Beauty Meets Fashion

StyleCon + Topshop Hello Summer Event May 2016

StyleCon - Where Beauty Meets Fashion

StyleCon + BooHoo Pre Coachella Fashion Fest
Boohoo Pop Up Shop in Los Angeles. Attendees were Styled by Ade Samuels - Stylist to Miley Cyrus, Nichole Richie and Teen Vogue. Complimentary Pamper Stations, Tattoos Bar, Flower Crown Making, digital shopping and contest to win VIP Coachella Tickets.
“The Dia Diaries” Meets StyleCon 2015 Los Angeles
See what happened at StyleCon 2015
Live from StyleCon 2015
StyleCon 2015 TOPSHOP Event
StyleCon 2015 Orange County Fashion: Blogger Party @Diptyque
StyleCon Girl Cambrie Schroder

StyleCon - Where Beauty Meets Fashion