Star Influencers - Dallas - Include

Tiffany Hendra
StyleCon StyleStage Celebrity Co-Host
From small town beginnings to Beverly Hills and now back to Texas, Tiffany Hendra is on a mission to empower women from all walks of life by giving them the tools needed to live their most authentic, confident and fabulous life. She is a wife, television host, empowerment coach, creator of the web series Sanctuary Of Style and a star on Bravo’s Real Housewives of Dallas.
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Instagram – @TiffanyHendra
Twitter – @TiffanyHendra

Jeanine Amapola
StyleCon StyleStage Celebrity Co-Host
Famous for YouTube videos such as “School Morning Routine for College” and “Everyday Makeup Routine,” this beauty and lifestyle vlogger has earned over 1.5 million subscribers. Amapola, who recently graduated from the University of Texas, has over the past few years found success on YouTube with her collection of beauty, makeup, fashion, lifestyle, and DIY videos.
Instagram – @JeanineAmapola
Twitter – @JeanineAmapola

Catherine Giudici Lowe
StyleCon Celebrity Keynote Speaker
With over 1.2 Million followers, reality television star, and the winner of the seventeenth season of ABC’s The Bachelor, Catherine Lowe has a well planned life. She is married to the former bachelor, Sean Lowe. Their son, Samuel was born on July 2, 2016. Catherine is also the creative force and business brains behind stationary brand LoweCo.
Instagram – @CatherineGiudici
Twitter – @clmguidici